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In Bielefeld, Germany, during the middle of the 19th century, the industrial revolution had turned the city into a major textiles location. Imported sewing machines, mainly from the USA, were used to further process the materials. They were expensive to buy and hard to service. Two mechanics, Baer and Koch, recognized the opportunity and started the first sewing machine factory in Bielefeld
The success of the venture indicated to the partners the potential of the new market, and in 1865, Baer decided to start his own operation. Koch continued trading under the name of Koch & Co, and by this time, he employed two sewing machine mechanics: Dürkopp and Schmidt. Dürkopp had already designed his first sewing machine in 1861, and in 1867 together with Schmidt, he started his own company known as Dürkopp & Schmidt.

Within the following 20 years, Bielefeld developed to become one of the most important centers of the sewing machine industry in Germany. In 1880, there were 19 Bielefeld companies operating in the sector. Their products enjoyed international recognition and were sold all over Europe.

The sector underwent a crisis in the 1880s as a result of growing national and international competition. Dürkopp & Co, as the company was called after Schmidt's departure, was the first enterprise to start seeking new markets with the manufacturing of bicycles. The new product line sold very well and the company continued on its successful path. As did other companies, Koch & Co. followed Dürkopp's example, and bicycle manufacturing soon became an important factor in the town's economy.

Inspired by his success, Dürkopp started manufacturing cars, trucks and other forms of motorized transport at around the end of the century. While Dürkopp was constantly busy trying to find new fields of business for his company, Koch & Co. concentrated on industrial sewing and clothing equipment. Its brand name "Adler" became synonymous for special sewing machines of international demand. Kochs Adler Nähmaschinenwerke AG, as the company was called by then, therefore discontinued bicycle production in 1920.

At the end of the 1920s, the world economic crisis forced Dürkoppwerke AG, the name of the company after the death of its founding father, to give up car production, which in any case had not been a great success. At the end of the Weimar Republic, after development of the first conveyor system for the textiles industry, a new market was found in which the enterprise is still active today.

After the Second World War, Kochs Adler Nähmaschinenwerke also attempted to penetrate new fields of business with the manufacturing of typewriters and packing machinery. For a short period of time , both divisions were dropped, and so was the production of household sewing machines. From the start of the sixties onwards, Dürkoppwerke AG restricted itself to the production of industrial sewing machines and conveyor systems. In 1962, a majority of shares in Dürkoppwerke AG were acquired by FAG Kugelfischer.

When the Kugelfischer group took over the majority of shares in Kochs Adler AG in 1987, the path was leveled for a merger of the two competing factories. From 1990 onwards, they have been operating in the new complex in Bielefeld, Oldentrup under the name of Dürkopp Adler AG.

In June 2005 Chinese SGSB Group acquired the majority of shares from FAG Kugelfischer AG and now is the owner of Dürkopp Adler AG.

Today, Dürkopp Adler AG offers solutions in the field of industrial sewing and conveyor equipment. The group operates with a worldwide service and distribution network of 11 subsidiaries and more than 80 authorized dealers.

Besides the production plant in Bielefeld, Germany, Dürkopp Adler AG owns two other production facilities. One is Minerva Boskovice in Czech Republic, where all the medium to heavy duty machines are produced, the second facility is located in Sangeorgiu de Mures, Romania. This plant is totally dedicated to the production of genuine Dürkopp Adler spare parts for production as well as after sales service.

With our owner, the SGSB Group Dürkopp Adler AG has a strong partner for further development. As a first step, Dürkopp Adler AG and SGSB Group founded a production joint venture in Shanghai, China, in order to have a better market coverage in China and Southeast Asia. This production joint venture is also providing a small part of basic machines to Dürkopp Adler AG.

The course is set for a successful future, affected by the characteristics Dürkopp Adler is known for: High Quality, Reliability and Service! 


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