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Technical Information

To keep your documentation and archives up to date, we post the latest technical information received from Dürkopp Adler Germany.

To download, simply click on the appropriate link.

This page is updated in regular intervals.  You are invited to visit us frequently in order to get the latest releases.

The following updates have recently been issued:

Parts list class 511

Parts list class 520i series

Parts list class 531

Parts list class 550-2-1

Parts list class 669

Parts list class 838

Parts list class 867

Parts list class 868

Parts list class 869

Parts list class 887

Parts list class 888


Manual class 550-16-26

Manual class 867

Manual class 888

Manual class 869


To access the complete download archive of Dürkopp Adler, please visit the website of                       Dürkopp Adler AG  

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Dürkopp Adler M-Type

The new benchmark in shoe production    


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