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Sewing Automation for Shirt Production

New Buttonhole Indexer Class 841


In response to the increasing demand for automation in shirt production, Dürkopp Adler re-introduced the automatic buttonhole indexer class 841.

Consisting of a pre-loading station, a permanent clamping system and the well proven sewing head class 540, this sewing unit sets the standard in automatic buttonhole indexing.

The loading station with an integrated automatic vacuum allows precise positioning of the shirt front as well as an overlapped working method when using a setup of 3 indexers in one cell. Downtime of the machine is reduced to the absolute minimum, boosting productivity. The clamping system permanently holds the shirt front over its total length and follows the movement of the sewing cycle of each buttonhole, preventing any slack or tension to the sewing material. The result is a perfectly flat buttonhole.

The Dürkopp Adler sewing head class 540 is able to sew any size buttonhole up to 70mm. Cutting of the buttonhole can be programmed independently from the size of the buttonhole up to lenght of 65mm. A knife change is not necessary.

Due to its particular setup, the Dürkopp Adler buttonhole indexer is able to sew men's dress shirts as well as ladies' blouses.

All parameters such as length of each buttonhole, distance between each buttonhole, number of buttonholes and starting postion for the first buttonhole are freely programmable. The sewn fronts are stacked right at the operators position to allow a first quality check and easy accessibility.

Productivity reaches up to 1,200 sewn fronts in 480 minutes.

First machines have been ordered during Texprocess Americas and will be available shortly.

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