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M-Type machines set new standards in shoe production


Following our successful M-Type walking foot machines, we now also offer a complete line of M-Type machines for shoe production.

Succeeding the well proven Typos II series of machines, the M-Type machines offer the outstanding reliability and quality you expect from a Dürkopp Adler machine by also providing superior productivity. Thousands of machines are already running in plants all over the world and outperform the competition.

Standard feature of our machines is the driven roller presser, no matter if you choose a wheel feed machine class 888 or a drop feed machine class 838.

The newly designed feeding components allow perfect stitch in stich sewing during backtack, a variety of special sewing components and equipments enable our machines to work perfectly in thin material (e.g. ladies shoes) as well as in heavy leather (e.g. military boots).

The M-Type shoe machines raise the bar for a high quality production and give you all the options you need.

Ask us for more information and an offer tailored to your needs and application.

Call us at +1-770-446-8162, ext 1191 or send us an email. You will be convinced of the performance you get. Guaranteed!

We are looking forward to working with you.

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Dürkopp Adler M-Type

The new benchmark in shoe production    


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