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The latest member of the M-Type family

Dürkopp Adler is featuring the new double needle post-bed machine class 868.
We used all our experience in building high performing sewing machines to develop the best post-bed machine available on the market.
The 868 combines the excellent sewing kinematics of the proven and well known class 768 with the outstanding features of the M-Type platform.
·         Very slim sewing head for an excellent view of the sewing material
·         Stitch length up to 12mm
·         Sewing foot lift up to 20mm
·         Integrated second stitch length
·         Quick stroke adjustment
·         Second thread tension can be activated by push button
·         Build-in LED sewing light
·         Maintenance indicator
·         Closed lubrication system
Also automatic backtack, footlift and thread cutting comes as a standard.
In addition we offer a whole variety of different sewing gauges and accessories for all 868 machines
We are bringing in the first machines to our warehouse in Norcross. Be the first to test the new machine and experience the difference.
Call us now at 770-446-8162, Ext. 1191 for more information.

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