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New Sewing Factory equipped with Dürkopp Adler machines


Recently Southwick Clothing, located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, has been taken over by Brooks Brothers, a famous and renowned manufacturer of high end men’s suits.
For Brooks Brothers, the acquisition is a strategic step in order to increase market presence and production capacities.
The old building in Lawrence will make way for a completely new production facility in Haverhill, just about eight miles from the old building, will be the new home of Southwick Clothing.
Together with the new production plant, the entire machinery will be updated and replaced.
“Our motivation to replace all our machinery was to increase the efficiency of our production process and to ensure the high quality our customers expect from both of our brand names. Also our expectation on the sewing machines is accordingly. When it comes to quality sewing, you need quality equipment.” sais Andre D’Elia, Men’s Tech Design Manager at Brooks Brothers and thus in charge for the whole restructuring project at Southwick Clothing.
During the internal evaluation process, Dürkopp Adler sewing machines and Beisler sewing automation was considered to be the best choice.
Southwick Clothing already used Dürkopp Adler and Beisler equipment in its factory for the last years and was convinced by the performance and quality of the machines. The good experience in daily use contributed a lot to the final decision.
Another important factor was the technical service that is provided from Dürkopp Adler America.
We are honored by the confidence and trust in our machines and services and we look forward to a long term partnership with Southwick Clothing and Brooks Brothers.
Finally the decision to invest in a new production facility proves that it is still possible to run an efficient and profitable production in the United States. We as Dürkopp Adler will support our customer to the maximum extend to make this investment a success.

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