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Dürkopp Adler America Video Archive


Seeing is believing. Download our machine videos and learn more about features and benefits.

For each machine we offer a low resolution and a high resolution file. 

Unless mentioned otherwise, all machines displayed are operated with reduced speed settings to better demonstrate machine functions. 


This archive is updated frequently, so check back often to see the latest news! 

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Medium to heavy duty machines:

Flatbed Needle Feed Machines

  • 327-170115   Single Needle     Low Res     High Res
  • 827-290342-70   M-Type Double Needle Longarm     Low Res     High Res


Flatbed Walking Foot Machines

  • 767-FA-373   Single Needle     Low Res     High Res
  • 867-190145   M-Type Single Needle (5mm Thread End)     Low Res     High Res
  • 867-290342 "Puller"    M-Type Double Needle with Puller    Low Res     High Res
  • 867-393342 "VF"          M-Type Single Needle with Edge Trimming     Low Res     High Res

Post-Bed Walking Foot Machines

  • 868-290322   M-Type Double Needle     Low Res     High Res
  • 868-490322   M-Type Double Needle (90 Angles)     Low Res     High Res

Cylinder-Bed Walking Foot Machines


Programmable Large Field Sewing Machines


Shoe Production


Post-Bed Wheel Feed Machines


Apparel machines


Lockstitch Buttonhole Machines


Eyelet Buttonhole Machines

Automatic Pocket Setters

  • 806-111100     Jeans Production Universal Style Set     Low Res     High Res
  • 806-121100     Shirts     Low Res     High Res
  • 806-121100     Tubular Knits     Low Res     High Res

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